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Super Serena

After giving birth to my daughter, I was astounded by what my body had achieved.  I grew a person weighing 8 pounds and then I managed to get that person out of me.  For a few weeks afterwards I was in shock and awe at myself and at what a woman's body can do.  I then exclusively breastfed until my baby was five months and as we began the weaning process, I could not help but be amazed that it had been my body that had sustained her and made her strong.  Women's bodies are amazing!  I am sorry I hadn't realised it sooner.

There has been plenty of surprise at tennis player Serena Williams' announcement that she is 20 weeks pregnant, especially when people worked out she won a Grand Slam during the early stages of her pregnancy.  I am delighted for Williams and her partner - having a baby and creating a family is joyous - but I am equally delighted that she is changing perceptions about what pregnant women can achieve.

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