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Hello!  This is not my first foray into blogging, but it is my first foray into writing about motherhood and bringing up my child.  I have an eleven month old daughter and am four weeks away from going back to work after what has been a fantastic maternity leave.  I have reflected on so many different things each day and have been astounded by the joy (and hard work) that is parenting.  I may be going back to work shortly, but I wish to continue reflecting on parenthood.  I will not have as much physical contact with other mums as I have this year, but I know that there are many opportunities to connect on line and do some of my reflecting and growing there.

Whilst concentrating on my daughter I have tried to ensure two things; being as good a Mum can be (note, I did not say "best") and doing it cheaply.  Children want our time and love more than any material possessions and where possible I have sought opportunities to devote my time and abilities to my child rather than simply shower her with the most beautiful clothes and most expensive toys.  This blog will be my attempt to continue in that vein.

I hope you will enjoy my musings and come to know me through my writing.  I won't begin with regular biographical details as these should be revealed slowly through my blog posts.  Instead, five facts about me that may make you curious to come back in the future (or dissuade you from ever crossing my digital path again.)

1. I love a rainbow and love putting colours in rainbow order.  There is something both calming and satisfying about doing that.

2. My favourite tv show is Dateline London, a weekly political debate programme from the BBC.  I consider it the biggest treat if I get to watch it live and not on catch-up.

3. If I am ill, get me mango.  It is magical in its restorative powers.

4. I cannot sleep at night without reading some prose, and at night time this is usually fiction on my Kindle.  Even at the hospital, after giving birth, I had to read something before bed.

5. I write ten positive things in a book before I go to sleep.  I have been doing this for the last three years and I believe this one act has changed my life!  I look for positive things throughout the day so that I can focus on the good fortune I have and fight off low mood.

I hope you will be back soon.


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